Prayer Experience (Psalm 63)

Prayer Experience
Read: Psalm 63

A. God is our greatest desire.
God is a personal God and 1) knows you, 2) is your father, 3) knows the details of your life, and 4) reveals His purposes. Knowing God is personal how will this affect the way you approach God and your desire to approach Him?

We come to Him in desperation. How desperate are you for God’s presence in your life? From a scale of 1-5, 5 being the greatest, how would you rank your desire? If God is not your ultimate desire what would be based on the amount of time you spend doing it? What can you do to desire God more?

B. God is our Supreme Satisfaction
What would be your favorite and most satisfying meal? When we are satisfied with a meal we know we have eaten enough and no more is needed. Is God your supreme satisfaction? How does he satisfy all the needs in your life? Express your gratitude to Him for the satisfaction He brings?

We cling to The Lord and He upholds us. What can you do on a daily basis that will draw you closer to Christ and you can cling to Him? When we cling to Him, what are the results? Knowing he upholds us, how does that make you feel as a child of God? Express your desire to cling to Him and thank Him for holding you up.

C. God is Our Sure Defense
What areas of temptation or struggles do you need Christ to provide a wall of defense? Write your name in a box. Write the areas your temptations and struggles you face outside the box. Write the name of Christ on the four walls of the box as a symbol of His defense. Call out to God and ask Him to be a defense for you in each of the areas.


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