Theological Division


7 And when he had said this, a dissension arose between the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and the assembly was divided.  8 For the Sadducees say that there is no resurrection, nor angel, nor spirit, but the Pharisees acknowledge them all.  Acts 23:7-8


Paul understood that there were Saducees and Pharisees in the crowd. He quickly stirred them against one another by saying he was on trial because of the “the respect and hope of the resurrection”.  This did not go over well but caused an argument between the Saducees and Pharisees. 


We can easily be distracted by theological arguments and miss the main points of the gospel. While theological discussions are needed, they should never result in a dividing battle. There are primary doctrines that should be held without wavering such as the Trinity, the way to salvation, etc.  In this passage we see an argument rising over the resurrection. Paul knew by bringing up this issue that and argument would follow.  May we choose to exalt Christ and not allow non-essentials cause division within the body of Christ. 


Lord may we keep you at the forefront of our church community. Give us wisdom and understanding not to allow division in the body of Christ. 


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